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"ActiveStride™ ProPress Elastic Knee Support " Pickleball Pal

"ActiveStride™ ProPress Elastic Knee Support " Pickleball Pal

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Prevent injuries and exercise safer in this one piece knee support

   PICKLEBALL, Exercise, Tennis? Support your knee in this one piece knee supporter

The ActiveStride™ ProPress Elastic Knee Support will help you regain activity in sports, walking, games, and enjoying life without knee pain. It is easy to wear and comfortable as it helps stabilize your knee during activity.


Does knee pain hamper your involvement in life? 

Combines stability of a knee brace and flexibility of a sleeve for total joint relief. Helps to warm and lubricate the knee joint to increase blood flow and reduce inflammation

Paste strap: Sticky straps that stay securely in place 

Allows superior flexibility and full range of motion. Lightweight, breathable, moisture wicking design for maximum comfort during all day wear. Sleek and discreet to easily fit under clothing.

 Double bundling: Firmly protect the meniscus

Strap supports knee in the front and back so you can run, jump, walk, play, work freely and protect your knee from injury. The secret to the knee brace is that it wraps under, around and above the knee to provide extra protection against injury from every angle, without compromising your mobility at all.

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