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GoldGlow™ : Revive Eyes Collagen 24K Gold Eye Pads

GoldGlow™ : Revive Eyes Collagen 24K Gold Eye Pads

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 Paper Yourself- Get Rid of Under Eye Puffiness and dark circles and do it in luxury.

Anti-Puffiness Anti-Aging Moisturizing Eyes Pads | Collagen Eye Mask 24K Gold, | 60pcs.  These luxurious 24K gold, hydrolyzed collagen, under eye pads sooth and nourish your skin while relieving puffiness and dark circles

Product effectiveness

Fades fine lines. Fades dark circles. Moisturizes and nourishes eye skin.  Anti-aging -Tightens and repairs under eye skin

Simple to Use

Clean face and dry thoroughly

Apply eye mask to skin under the eyes and other dry, dehydrated areas

Leave on for 15-30 minutes

Remove mask and massage remaining nutrients into skin until fully absorbed

Nourishing, hydrating ingredients

Hydrolyzed Collagen: moisturizes, tightens, and repairs skin while fading fine lines and keeping skin smooth
Gold Extract: contains gold extract to make skin delicate and tender
Sodium Hyaluronate: hydrates and nourishes skin while locking in moisture.

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