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LeashLiberator™ Hands-Free Dog Leash Set" 🐾

LeashLiberator™ Hands-Free Dog Leash Set" 🐾

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  • 🐾 Adjustable comfort
  • 🙌 Hands-free design
  • 🌟 Enhanced nighttime safety and visibility
  • 🔒 Secure, durable materials

Unleash the joy of hands-free dog walking with comfort, control, and the convenience of a built-in waist bag.

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" Absolutely love this leash! Shocked at how much easier it's made my daily runs. I clip it on, pop my phone in the bag, and off we go. Zero hassle and my Ziggy seems to really enjoy the freedom too. Such a game-changer! "
Mary F.

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We have a strong affection for our products, and we believe that you will share the same sentiment. Therefore, we are providing a 14-Day return. If you are not fully satisfied with the outcome, we will reimburse you minus our 30% restocking fee

📦Frequently Asked Questions

1. **What weight limit does the hands-free leash support?**
- Our hands-free dog leash is engineered to support dogs weighing up to 150 pounds, ensuring reliable and secure control even for larger breeds.

2. **How adjustable is the waist belt?**
- The waist belt is highly adjustable, accommodating waist sizes ranging from 28 inches to 48 inches, providing a comfortable and snug fit for various body types.

3. **Does the leash have a shock-absorbing feature for sudden pulls?**
- Yes, our hands-free leash is equipped with a shock-absorbing bungee section, minimizing strain on both you and your dog when sudden movements occur, ensuring a smoother and more comfortable walking or running experience.

4. **Is the waist bag water-resistant?**
- Absolutely! The waist bag is crafted from water-resistant material, safeguarding your essentials from unexpected rain showers or splashes, making it perfect for outdoor adventures in any weather condition.

5. **Can the leash be used for hands-free biking or jogging?**
- Yes, our hands-free leash is specifically designed for active lifestyles. Its secure attachment and durable construction make it suitable for biking or jogging with your furry companion, providing hands-free convenience without compromising safety.

6. **Is the leash compatible with harnesses or just collars?**
- Our hands-free leash is compatible with both harnesses and collars, offering versatility to suit your dog's preference and ensuring a secure and comfortable attachment point for your walks or runs.

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Tangled up in leashes? Walks can be a juggle! 🐶

It's a familiar story: you're trying to enjoy a walk with your furry friend, but you're caught up managing a leash, juggling your keys, phone, and maybe even trying to hold a coffee. Imagine if you could walk your dog with your hands completely free. Say hello to LeashLiberator™, your new best walking companion. Waist bag is 25.5-45.2 inches; Traction leash is 62.4-86.6 inches.

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Step into walking simplicity with LeashLiberator™ 🌈

The LeashLiberator™ offers you a beautiful blend of freedom and control. The adjustable, hands-free design means you can set the leash to your comfort level, attach it to your waist, and keep all your essentials in the waist bag. Now, your hands are free to wave, high-five, or sip that coffee—no juggling required.

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After-dark walks feeling unsafe? 🌙

We tend to worry about visibility and safety during those early morning or evening strolls with our pets. With the LeashLiberator's™ reflective stitching, cars and bikes will see you and your dog from a distance, making every walk, regardless of the hour, a safer experience.

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  • Linda D.

    "This leash is rock solid! 👌 Been using it for weeks now and it's holding up great, even with my German Shepherd’s pulling. The waist bag's nifty for treats and my keys. No more digging around in my pockets!"

  • Jessica A.

    "Bought the Pooch Pacer on a whim and wow, it did not disappoint! It allows for a comfortable distance between me and Baxter without me having to use my hands at all. And if we're out late, the reflective parts are super bright. Plus, being able to stash away a water bottle in the waist bag is a definite perk!"

  • Mary F.

    "Lightweight, sturdy, and just so convenient! The adjustable length is a blessing for when you've got a curious pup that likes to explore. Peace of mind with the reflective bits too."

  • Jessica A.

    "Having back probs made walks painful. This hands-free leash saved me! I can walk Max without any strain. Love it!"


Embrace effortless walks with LeashLiberator™: Reflective Freedom Leash!

Still pondering over the LeashLiberator™? Here’s the deal: Take it for a walk, or a hundred! It will transform your dog-walking. Time to step out with your best paw forward!

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